Now what do I do? The Whole World is Turned Upside Down!

Bull Shit…there is plenty to do if you really think about it. If you are like many people who are inprisoned in their own home most of the time now, use this time to plan your future.

Start with what you CAN and CANNOT control. This is not a CDC lecture, you all know what to do to stay away from the perils of the Coronavirus….this is about what to do while we all wait for this terrible period to end. The key theme is to NOT let physical isolation create emotional isolation!

Some thoughts….

  1. Get up and make your bed right away in the morning! You will be less likely to dive back in when you feel bored!
  2. Use this time to improve your eating habits! You can’t go into restaurants, so buy healthier food and eat it!
  3. GET OUT of your closed quarters and WALK every day! And after you walk, do as many pushups as you can right before hitting the shower.
  4. Call your relatives and friends on the phone every day….call the elderly neighbor that moved away who has no family. Go through your address list on your cell phone and make those calls. SHAME on you if you don’t.
  5. USE social media (facebook, twitter, etc) to share good news stories and ideas. Today I took a video from my condo of the American flag blowing in the breeze while blasting Journey’s “Don’t stop believing” song and posted it on my Facebook page….lot’s of likes and “Thanks”
  6. Go through your finances and eliminate expenses that are useless…like that weightloss gym that you pay monthly for that you haven’t been to in years….come on, get serious….see point #3 above!!!….you have TIME now to revisit where your money is being wasted!
  7. If you have federal student loans, log in to your loan servicer on line and request a “coronavirus fiorbearance”. it’s good for your financial picture as congress as passed relief allowing no interest or late fees and you’ll get to skip at least one payment!
  8. Don’t sleep all day….stay active as much as possible and get to bed early, and sleep all night instead! It’s much better for you.

    That’s it for now my friends, I’ll be back soon with more of these Colonel’s Kernals!

    Stay Healthy, mentally and physically!

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